Correct choice of profession- worthy future!

This year at the end of March students of Technical school of oil and gas industry have visited industrial technological complex of our company.

Enterprise workers have shown the students the plant shops, the laboratory and other cases, have told about the production technology of concrete and metalworks.

Before the excursion instructing in safety precautions has been carried out. Students were told about correct behavior and were given helmets - it is impossible to move on the complex territory without helmets.

The excursion began from a truck wash complex. The following stop - Metalware shop. The chief engineer of Industrial technological base of «Hi-Raise Constructions Holding» explained the students the process of  metalware projection and production. From Metalware shop the excursion moved to Technical Service Centre. Then the students of Technical school gas and petroleum industry were shown unique certified laboratory where the control over quality of produced concrete mixes and used materials is carried out.

The pride of the laboratory is a special chamber for storage of tests and concrete samples. There are units of such chambers in Ukraine. The temperature of +20 degrees, humidity of 95 percent - are the conditions in which samples of concrete are stored in. At last the students were shown the work of concrete-mixing unit and compressor section. Everyone remained happy about the Excursion.

The manager of electromechanical department of Technical school, Karina Leonova, is sure that such excursions are extremely useful to students. This way they can get acquainted with modern equipment which they had seen before only on pictures. This excursion is the first step in cooperation of Technical school and the building company «Hi-Raise Constructions Holding». Further  we suggest you to familiarize with responses of Technical school students.

Oleksandr Karbunjan
Technical school of gas and petroleum industry student:

«Such excursions really provoke enthusiasm and there appears an interest to a profession. We see the goal to approach, we see our future profession and we understand in general, what for we study and to what we will come to».

Artem Lashkul
Technical school of gas and petroleum industry student:

«I consider that it is necessary to conduct such excursions for students on the different enterprises, factories more often so that they could understand, with what they will face and where they will work».

Karina Leonova
Electromechanical department manager of Technical school of gas and petroleum industry:

«This excursion is very important for guys, after all we want to receive, first of all, competent experts which will be able to adapt in modern world, in the modern conditions at modern enterprises. Eecondly, we should motivate students so that they could not simply study, but get concrete knowledge which will be useful for their further work. Thirdly, visiting of such modern enterprises such as «Hi-Raise Constructions Holding» shows that our students have not simply prospects, but further realization, as qualified experts».