Development of architecture in Ukraine


In the broadest sense, construction is a human activity aimed at creation of buildings, engineering structures (bridges, roads, airports), as well as their follow-up facilities (utilities, small architectural forms, garages, etc.).Being born at the dawn of mankind as an instinctive human activity to change or adapt the environment to their needs, presently the construction is a complex and multifaceted process, located at the intersection of technical, economic, legal and social aspects.
From the economic point of view, construction is a branch of material and technological production wherein the fixed assets of industrial and non-industrial purposes are created: ready-for-use buildings, constructions and their complexes.
From the legal viewpoint, construction is a process of adding structures to real estate.
In the field of architecture and civil construction it means a process of construction of infrastructure facilities. The main steps of this process are: land acquisition, design, design coordination with the authorities, construction proper of a building or a facility, and commissioning.
As a rule, works are carried out by a group of specialists or an engineering company under the leadership of the project manager, and is supervised by representatives of the technical supervision and design engineers (design engineer or project architect).
Experts who are involved in the development and accomplishment of construction designs are to establish effective mechanisms for design, budgeting, document management, up to time delivery of construction materials, logistics, safety at worksites, etc. Moreover, they are to take into account environmental impacts of their work and create minimum temporary inconveniences to the public at the of construction stage of the project.