Winners of children's drawing competition are decided


On March, 28th, 2011 the second part of children's drawing competition «Safe work of parents - my happy future» took place within the limits of Ukrainian action «Labour safety by children's eyes».

Following the results of the second round winners and prize-winners of competition in two categories have been decided:
1) Drawing - two age categories: 6-10 years, 10-14 years;
2) Arts and crafts creativity.

Following the results of competition winners have been decided:

1) In the category «Children's drawing» - younger group placees were distributed as follows:

1 st place: Valitsky Yana, 9 years old
2 nd place: Korkuts Victoria, 8 years old
3 rd place: Sidorkin Nikita, 7 years old ; Degtjarenko Vlad, 14 years old

2) In the category «Children's drawing» - the senior group the prizes distributed in the following way:

1 st place: Dekaljuk Maxim, 12 years
2 nd place: Lopushinsky Cyril, 14 years
3 rd place: Ljubenko Denis, 12 years
                Dembitskaya Liza, 12 years

3) In the category «Arts and crafts creativity» places were distributed as follows:

1 st place: Samoilov Yana-Maria, 11 years
2 nd place: Glavatsky Masha, 13 years
3 rd place: is absent owing to quantity of the given works

Children and teenagers of 6 - 14 years inclusively, children of  «Hi-Raise Constructions» employees, children visiting the clubs of public organization «Soyuz Grazhdan Odessy», pupils of Malodolinsky middle school took part in the competition.

Competition winners rewarding will take place in a ceremonial way on March, 31st, 2011.

We thank everyone for participation and wish further successes and creative achievements!