Order concrete


  • • Delivery is made by concrete mixers in volumes: 6, 7, 10, 12 m3. The fleet consists of 24 concrete mixers, and allows you to deliver simultaneously 195 m3 of concrete.
  • • New price of mixed concrete is valid from June 25, 2012. Please, inquire about details in the sales department by tel.:+38 (048) 777-11-77

Concrete order form:

Information about you
Company's name/Your name:
For example: Hi-Raise Constructions
Delivery address:
For example: Odessa, Marselskaya 13
Customer's phone number:
For example: (061) 888-88-31
Phone of the responsible for acceptance:
For example: (061) 888-88-31
For example: beton@mail.ru
Delivery 1
Concrete brand:
For example: White concrete
For example: 040к
Number of cubic meters:
For example: 300
Delivery date:
For example: 10 June 2010
Delivery interval:
For example: 16:00
Delivery interval:
For example: 18:00
Delivery interval:
For example: 10 June 2010