Stationary concrete mixing plant of «Hi-Raise Constructions Holding» company is equipped by "Liebherr".

The plant concentrates on production of high-quality ready-mix concrete of a wide grade range. The most important characteristics of  the concrete and reinforced concrete structures  are:

  • - a class (grade) of strength
  • - frost resistance indication
  • - water resistance indication

 Completely automated control of concrete mixing process allows operation by only one technician.

Microprocessor control system contains more than 1000 concrete recipes and allows production of concrete on demand with high accuracy.

MEKAMIX mobile concrete mixing plant is at your service; it can be transferred to work at the locations far from the organized city infrastructure.

 This machinery is quickly set-up and can be ready to work in 5-6 hours after arrival on the building site. The plant productivity is 60 m3/h.

The certified laboratory, located at the production and technological complex, permanently controls the quality of using in concrete mixing materials.