Considering the modern paces of construction in 2009 «Hi-Raise Constructions Holding» company bought a GAM-1500 assembly center for cylindrical carcasses and a Bauer BG 28 piling machine. The automatic assembly center with an electronic management and an automatic welding robot makes it possible to manufacture large reinforcement cages of any length of a round or cone-shaped form in diameter from 200 mm up to 1500 mm. Round reinforcement cages are used in foundation construction to reinforce bored piles.

GAM-1500 assembly center enables carcasses manufacture of perfect geometry and welding quality.


The metal workshop executes the following works:

Detailed design of metal constructions;

Design work and preparation of estimates for metal constructions manufacturing;

Manufacturing of  metal constructions of various purpose and any complexity for industrial enterprises and private persons;

Quality research of welded joints by means of ultrasonic defectoscope;

Metal constructions installation of any complexity;

Erection of load-bearing and retaining structures for buildings and other constructions using cutting edge technologies;

Chemical protection of previously built metal constructions.