Hi-Raise Constructions Holding LLC is a big construction company which has had a success on the Ukrainian construction market since 2009.

For this period the company became the leading company in the field of concrete mixtures production in the south of Ukraine.

The main aim of the company is providing goods and services of high quality to the Ukrainian customers.

Our factory in Odessa is equipped with a concrete production plant Liebherr and is focused on high-quality concrete and concrete mixes of different grades production. The microintegrated system allows to measure the concrete mixes components of different composition with a high degree of accuracy, together with different aggregates improving the concrete features.

To maintain the sanitary condition and environmental safety of facilities, vehicles, a recycling complex was installed and put into operation on the territory of the engineering and manufacturing base to wash the machinery.
A specialized certified laboratory was opened at the engineering and manufacturing base to control the quality of manufactured concrete mixtures and used materials.
The company performs a full cycle of works from projecting and construction of facilities to their implementation and subsequent operation. The scope of the company's activities includes: projecting, coordination and management of projects, production and pouring of ready-mixed concrete, metal structures, rental of construction and special machinery, car wash services and service stations, etc. Hi-Raise Constructions Holding offers to buy the concrete of the highest quality in Odessa that is the key to reliable construction.
The company offers a flexible pricing policy to every customer. How to get an additional discount call our Sales Department: (048) 777 11 77.
 The video of concrete production by Hi-Raise Constructions Holding can be found following the link.
Prices of Hi-Raise Constructions Holding for ready-mixed concrete as well as related products and services can be found by clicking on this link.
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